Safety Resources for Concrete Contractors

The ASCC is committed to informing responsible decision-making and promoting safety in the concrete industry. At the forefront of these initiatives is our Safety & Risk Management Council, which helps educate members on all aspects of insurance.

Below is a comprehensive list of safety resources available to ASCC members:


All ASCC hotlines are free for members, and our Safety & Insurance Hotline is answered by our director of safety services.

Safety Manual

This comprehensive, 288-page manual is the basis for any solid concrete construction safety program. The first copy of this valuable resource is provided free on a compact disc. Members can print or customize the document to fit their organization.

Safety Management Plan Manual

ASCC’s Safety Council developed this manual to help small contractors implement a basic safety management plan. The document discusses:

  • policy statements
  • safety responsibilities
  • inspections
  • accident investigation
  • safety meetings
  • rules
  • training
  • recordkeeping
  • first aid
  • emergency planning
  • hazard communication
  • concrete construction
  • electrical safety
  • fall protection
  • confined spaces
  • lock-out/tag-out
  • scaffolding
  • trenching and excavating
  • substance abuse

This manual includes numerous sample forms and tags and is available in a three-ring binder or CD. Revised in 2015.

Tool Box Training

This resource, focused on concrete construction safety contains 52 “Talks” written by ASCC contractors and reviewed and edited by Safety Council members. Included are logs for maintaining an attendance record. Members may choose between an English or Spanish version.

OSHA Silica Rule Documentation

The ASCC can provide Information in a variety of formats to educate you and your employees on OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Standard. We offer an introductory PowerPoint, articles, a testing program, whitepapers and a template for an Exposure Control Plan.

Silica Sampling Program

A partnership with the Construction Employees Association (CEA) provides silica sampling services for ASCC members. Members have access to sampling & testing equipment from SGS Galson at a discount, in return for contributing their test data to the CEA database.

Discounts on Valuable Safety Publications

Below is the list of safety resources available to ASCC members. Your first copy is free!

  • Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction
  • Cement Burn Poster
  • Construction Spanish Pocket Dictionary
  • Tool Box Training CD 
  • Safety Bulletins
  • Insurance Bulletins
  • Basic Safety Rules for Construction (English and Spanish)
  • Employee Safety Orientation DVD (English and Spanish)

Safety DVDs

Safety DVDs are available in the ASCC bookstore and are selected and reviewed by the Safety & Risk Management Council.

New Members receive a free copy of the Employee Safety Orientation DVD.

Safety Bulletins

The ASCC offers a set of 28 bulletins containing brief summaries of safety issues specifically affecting the concrete contractor. These include:  

  • Nine Industry Best Practices for Improving Safety Performance
  • Death on the High Wire
  • Driver Drug & Alcohol Testing Required
  • Enforcing Lockout Procedures in Construction
  • Put Gas Cans On the Ground Before Filling
  • Forklift Training & Accident Prevention
  • The Importance of Tool Box Talks
  • Coping with an OSHA Inspection
  • Impalement on Reinforcing Bars
  • Truck Mounted Ladder Racks
  • Working in Hot Weather
  • Tips for Working Sun Safe
  • Theft Prevention on Jobsites
  • Global Harmonized System
  • Preventing Underground Utility Strikes
  • The Importance of Proper Accident Investigation
  • Report Workers' Compensation Claims Promptly
  • Safe Traffic Management on Construction Sites
  • Slips, Trips and Falls (from the same level): Preventable Accidents
  • On Site Management of Ready Mix Trucks Including "Front Discharge" Trucks
  • Protecting Jobsite Visitors
  • Reduce Risk Factors from Manual Handling Tasks: Bag Handling
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Reduce Risk Factors from Manual Handling Tasks: Rebar
  • Cement Burns (Causes and Preventions)
  • OSHA's New Final Rule on Crystalline Silica Dust
  • Reducing Silica Exposure from Jackhammering
  • Understanding Your EMR

Insurance Bulletins

ASCC insurance bulletins (available in a set of 12) contain brief discussions of insurance issues affecting the concrete contractor.

 Topics include:

  • Glossary of Insurance Terms
  • Risk Transfer Techniques
  • Selecting Safer Subcontractors
  • Contractor’s Insurance Coverage Checklist
  • Being Prepared for Premium Audit
  • Completed Operations Coverage for Contractors
  • Fighting Fraud in Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Practical Tips to Control Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Controlling Claim Cost Drivers
  • Stretching Your Insurance Dollar
  • Driver & Fleet Safety Program
  • Non-Owned Automobile Exposures

Job Hazard Analysis Template

Members have access to a template of a JHA form and sample forms for a long list of jobsite tasks. Learn more

Jobsite Visitor Safety Orientation Checklist

This checklist will ensure all your bases are covered to keep visitors to your projects safe and secure. Learn more

Site-Specific Safety Plan Templates

 These templates help general contractors & specialty contractors develop their own project-specific plans to maximize communication with and protect project management, supervision, subcontractors and workers.

ASCC Safety Awards Program

Each year the ASCC recognizes contractors who have implemented successful safety programs. Awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Zero Lost Time                        
  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Recognition
  • Improvement                                                   
  • Fleet Safety
  • Owner

General contractors and specialty contractors who score in the top 10% of all applicants are invited to apply for the prestigious W. Burr Bennett Award for Safety Excellence, awarded annually by the ASCC and CNA.

Safety Coverage in Our Monthly Newsletter

Within every edition of the ASCC newsletter (sent for free each month) ASCC members will find columns on hot topics in the world of concrete construction safety.

The Safety & Risk Management Council

This important asset to the ASCC educates and provides materials to contractors on all aspects of safety relating to concrete contracting and insurance matters. Learn more.


The Safety & Risk Management Council educates and provides materials to contractors on all aspects of safety relating to concrete contracting and insurance matters. The Council also provides oversight on publications and demonstrations.

ASCC concrete contractors members only

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