ASCC International Member Benefits

    The American Society of Concrete Contractors welcomes individuals working in the concrete and international construction industry worldwide as members. The benefits of joining the American Society of Concrete Contractors are applicable on a global scale, providing resources and information for individuals in the concrete industry that is up-to-date, reliable and informative. Benefits for international members include discounts on valuable publications, monthly newsletters, access to research and education, involvement in special councils and much more. See the full list of benefits available to those who work in the international concrete industry that become members of the ASCC below. 

    For more information about becoming a member of the ASCC, please visit our Membership page.

    Membership Benefits: International Members

    1)     Networking – Annual events, committee meetings, and other special opportunities provide members the occasion to mix and meet not only with other outstanding contractors and suppliers, but with some of the best and brightest in the industry.

    2)     Three Telephone Hotlines – FREE to Members – These telephone lines are staffed by experts who can answer your questions.
    Concrete Construction       Ÿ  Safety and Insurance      Ÿ  Decorative Concrete

    3)     Safety Manual – This 288-page, comprehensive manual can be used as your basic safety program. In CD form. The first copy is FREE to ASCC members. Extra copies are available to members for $25.00 each ($75.00 each for non-members).

    4)     Position Statements – 39 one-page papers cover topics such as “Moisture-Sensitive Floor Coverings on Concrete Slabs,” “Birdbaths,” “Tolerances,” and “Trowel Marks.” The statements are written for architects, engineers and others who need to understand the contractor’s point of view. There are eight Position Statements on decorative concrete topics.

    5)      Member Discounts on Valuable Publications (1st one FREE):

                      Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction
                      Checklist for the Concrete Pre-Construction Conference                                                                
      Checklist for Ordering and Scheduling Ready Mixed Concrete
      Guide for Surface Finish of Concrete Slabs on Ground
                      Construction Spanish Pocket Dictionary
                      Cement Burn  Poster                                                                                                                                             

     Discounted Publications Include: Guide for Concrete Slabs That Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials, Tolerances for Cast-in-Place Concrete Buildings, Making Concrete Countertops, plus many more.

    6)     Contractor E-mail Forum – Contractors who choose to participate submit and answer business and technical questions via e-mail. Invaluable advice from other contractors on everything from curling to sealers to time sheets to vehicle use.

    7)     Monthly Newsletter – Keeps you current with ASCC activities of value to you and your company. Available electronically.

    8)     A Guide to Selecting a Concrete Contractor – provides the small to medium-sized contractor a checklist of items such as references, drawings, safety practices, insurance coverage, etc., that allows potential customers to compare what your company offers with the competition. This simple brochure emphasizes that contractor selection should be determined by pre-planning, experience, quality of work and track record, not just price. One copy FREE to members.

    9)     Event Discounts – Discounts on registration for ASCC events including the Concrete Executive Leadership Forum, Annual Conference and World of Concrete activities.

    10)   World of Concrete Registration and Seminar Discounts – As an ASCC member, your registration at the World of Concrete is $20* until December 15th (enter code A20), for a $60 savings off the on-site admission fee. After December 15th registration will be $40 with a $40 savings off the on-site admission fee if you enter code A20. You also receive discounted advance registration for all World of Concrete seminars.

           * Vendor companies eligible to exhibit at The World of Concrete receive a 50 percent discount on their registration fee.

    11)    Company Listing on the ASCC Website – Every member receives a FREE listing on the ASCC website.

    12)   Troubleshooting Newsletter – Questions and answers from the HOTLINES are compiled in this publication. If one contractor is having a problem, chances are that you’ll have to deal with that same problem eventually. Available FREE to members as they are developed. Full sets available to members at a discount. Newsletters currently in set of 68.

    13)   Safety Videotapes & DVDs – These are selected and reviewed by the ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council. The first copy is FREE to ASCC members.

    14)   Member Directory – The Member Directory lists all members by company name, delegate and alternate member names; includes address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

    15)   Magazine Subscriptions – FREE subscriptions to Concrete Construction, Concrete International, and Concrete Décor keep you and key personnel current with concrete construction technology and business issues. 

    16)   Member Certificate – All members receive a certificate of membership suitable for framing and display. Sustaining members receive a special certificate with a mounting plaque.

Specialty Councils Benefitting the Concrete Industry

Concrete Polishing Council 

The CPC serves as an educational resource for contractors and others in the design and construction industry. Programs include:

  • Certification                                                            
  • Educational Programs                                   
  • Specifications
  • Position Statements

Decorative Concrete Council

The Decorative Concrete Council educates concrete contractors on the technical and business aspects of decorative concrete contracting and promotes decorative concrete to designers, owners and other end users. The Council is involved in the creation and maintenance of:
  • Demonstrations and seminars at the ASCC Annual Conference
  • Discounted decorative publications
  • Position Statements on decorative concrete issues
  • Decorative concrete awards competition
More information about the Decorative Concrete Council is available by clicking here.

Manufacturers’ Advisory Council

The Manufacturer’s Advisory Council advises the ASCC on how the organization can provide the best value to its vendor members. The MAC has a strong voice in all sponsorship decisions that directly affect these companies. 

Safety & Risk Management Council

The Safety & Risk Management Council educates and provides materials to contractors on all aspects of safety relating to the international construction industry, concrete contracting and insurance matters. The Council also provides oversight to ASCC on publications, demonstrations, etc. including: 

  • Safety Telephone Hotline
  • Safety Manual – see item #3
  • Safety Bulletins & Alerts – Designed to provide answers to daily safety problems and to keep your personnel constantly aware of the need to “think safety.” Alerts are FREE to members as they are developed and full sets of Safety Bulletin & Alerts are available at a discount.
  • Discounted publications including Tool Box Training (English and Spanish versions), Employee Safety Handbook and others (the first copy of many of these are FREE when you join).

More information about the Safety & Risk Management Council is available by clicking here.

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