Contractor Member Benefits

New members receive these items at no charge immediately after joining:

Concrete Finishing DVD – Provides finishers basic instruction on hand and machine finishing slabs-on-ground and suspended slabs.  Covers Safety, Concrete Properties, Types of Finishes, Finishing Processes, Equipment, Joints and Troubleshooting.

Safety Manual – This comprehensive manual can be used as your basic safety program. Provided on a compact disk, you can print as needed and customize for your company.

Employee Safety Orientation DVD – Produced by ASCC’s Safety & Risk Management Council, this presentation will bring new employees up to speed on the basics of safe concrete construction practices.  Shot on active construction sites, this 40-minute DVD demonstrates the practices finishers need to work safe.

Tool Box Talks DVD (contractors only) – 52 talks submitted by concrete contractors and reviewed and edited by the ASCC Safety Council, with concrete construction as the primary focus.

Safety Bulletins – Currently a set of 26, these bulletins contain brief discussions of safety issues affecting the concrete contractor.

Insurance Bulletins – These 12 bulletins contain brief discussion of insurance issues affecting the concrete contractor.

Position Statements – 43 one-page papers cover topics such as “Moisture-Sensitive Floor Coverings on Concrete Slabs,” “Birdbaths,” “Tolerances,” and “Trowel Marks.” The statements are written for architects, engineers and others who need to understand the contractor’s point of view. There are eight Position Statements on decorative concrete topics.

The Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction – This guide provides insight into proven construction practices that will produce quality concrete construction.  Contents include how to organize for quality, concrete mix designs, foundations, formwork, reinforcement and embedments in structures, joins and reinforcement for slabs-on-ground, preparing for concreting, concrete placing and finishing common field problems, and safety.  It is a required or suggested document for contractor licensing programs in 11 states.

Checklist for the Pre-Construction Conference – A guide that decision makers and participants on a project can use to appropriately plan quality concrete construction.

Checklist for Ordering and Scheduling Ready Mixed Concrete – A checklist to simplify the ordering process.

Checklist for Pumping Ready Mixed Concrete – This checklist identifies details of the pumping process prior to the start of placement.

Guide for Surface Finish of Slabs on Ground – This Guide informs owners, specifiers, architects and engineers of the surface finish of slabs on ground or grade, that competent, competitive contractors can predictably provide.

Additional Free Publications:
Basic Safety Rules for Concrete Construction
A Guide to Selecting a Concrete Contractor
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