Join the Concrete Contractors of America: The Benefits of an ASCC Membership

Your ASCC membership has the potential to fundamentally improve your work in the concrete industry. In addition to providing member contractors with ample opportunities to connect and interact with their peers and industry experts, an ASCC membership grants you access to the most current technical and business resources that will help ensure success both in the field and in the office.

By participating in a concrete organization comprised of contractors, manufacturers, and other industry professional you benefit from the collective knowledge of the concrete industry only afforded to members of the ASCC.

Why Members Attend the Annual Conference

“I think the earlybird round table is the best of all the round tables.  If you are serious about learning something and want to have some deep discussion about the concrete business, be ready to go at 5:30am.  There are small, medium and large contractors in the room with positions ranging from foreman to owners.  Everyone has an open mind and different viewpoints.  There is a diversity of age and experience that helps balance the conversation.  If you are wanting to better yourself and your company, then have some fun the night before, get to bed by midnight and join in at the earlybird roundtable.”  
-Tim Manherz, Operations Manager - TAS Concrete

“For the past year I have not been near as active as I normally am in the ASCC activities, and being at the Annual Conference in Columbus last week reminded me of why I need to  STAY IN TOUCH WITH MY PEERS.  This business is already tough and with the new challenges I'm facing it's even tougher.  When I get with the other contractors and we have a roundtable I find that I'm not the only one, and I also find new ways to work on the problem.  The keynote speaker hit on one of my biggest challenges: labor issues.  No matter how busy I am, I need to go to the ASCC events which are built around helping contractors.  All the offerings were excellent!”  
- Rocky R. Geans, President - L.L. Geans Construction Co.

“Thanks much for another great ASCC conference.  Your conventions are always so well organized and executed, which we appreciate as vendors.  You and your team always do the little things so well - something as simple as printing the name-badge cards on both sides because they inevitably turn around - makes our sales jobs a little easier.”                           
– Dan Biddle, Vice President Sales - Forta Corporation

"The most profound realization I had was that most, if not all, of these business owners were very willing to speak openly about their concerns, their business, and even their own shortcomings.  While it has been my experience that for the most part people tend to want to guard their secrets and put on a brave face to hide their weaknesses, most of the people at this conference seemed to genuinely want to explore new ideas and concepts.  At the same time most were willing to share the things that have worked for them, and they seemed genuinely interested in helping out their peers.  All in all, the most striking feature of the ASCC members was that they collectively offered a venue where we felt totally at ease venting frustrations, presenting challenges, and offering our own insights to those around us.  People often attend events such as these looking to get what they can and get out, whereas so many of the people we met seemed more interested in giving of themselves, their time, their experience, and their expertise. "
- Matt Kapinos - Northern Concrete Construction Inc.

"As a small contractor, it can be a challenge to find the time to take a step back to think more broadly about my business and the challenges and opportunities within the industry.  Being part of the ASCC and attending the conference has allowed me to really focus on the big picture in a way that would never have been possible on my own.  Can't wait for next year!"
- Peter Catalano, Operations Manager - Catalano Concrete Construction

“I enjoyed the rountable conference sessions in the morning - quite easy for me as I was still on Australian time. I picked up a couple of tips that I'm going to try down here. As I mentioned I doubt that I will be at WOC in Jan, however a couple of my team will be. I'll make sure they visit the ASCC Booth. I will be returning to an ASCC conference next year - not quite sure if it will be in Colorado or New Mexico (depends on a golf trip to Ireland that I've got planned with some mates), but nonetheless I will make it to one of them.”
-Tom O'Brien - RCW Group


Joining the ASCC

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