2018 DCC Winners


Cast-in-place – Stamped / Under 5000 SF

Atlanta Botanical Garden/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.

The gardens in Storza Woods comprise a richly detailed strolling path set in a four-acre mature woodland. Features include stone clad bridges and overlooks, a formal garden surrounding a water mirror and water stairs, an elevated boardwalk and terraces, all threaded together by a sinuous concrete walkway embellished with intricate mosaics. The design was a collaboration between Spurlock Landscape Architects, Tres Fromme, and the Botanical Garden.

Nvidia/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Bay Area Concretes

Although this project was originally designed for polished concrete, it was clear the finish would result in too many inconsistencies.

USC Micheleson Center for Convergent Business/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Largo Concrete

The Micheleson Center is a five level, 225,000 SF research laboratory and classroom building. It features one basement level and four levels above grade to house high-tech medical equipment. Largo Concrete worked with general contractor DPR Construction to deliver this project. 

Entrada de Santa Barbara/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Trademark Concrete Systems

Originally built as the Hotel Californian in 1925, the general contractor was tasked with restoring the existing hotel to its original condition, constructing ground up luxury hotel additions including a new parking structure.

First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

What was once an outdated thick, heavy linoleum floor is now an updated church sanctuary. The church has their entire Leadership Board of 100 people originally involved in the decision. Once colors were approved, the board asked for touchups and slight color adjustments. It did involve a few extra days to restain but the church missed only one Sunday. 

Caston Development Offices/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Concrete Expressions

This project was located in a six-story building that originally was a hospital. The building, for the most part, had been renovated into offices and an upscale restaurant. 

Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shop/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Royale Concrete

A large truck repair shop approached Royale Concrete to polish and lane stripe the floor in a new 23,500 SF building. It was a challenge for the contractor to finish a new floor in a way that could hold up to the heavy demands under which it would be placed, while ensuring it looks good for years to come.

80 M Street/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Hyde Concrete

Located a few blocks from the National’s Park and the Washington Navy Yard, 80 M Street is a LEED Gold 285,000 SF building. When the owner decided to renovate the lobby he was looking for a durable, industrial, modern finish that could accommodate heavy foot traffic. Polished concrete was chosen as the most aesthetically pleasing solution. 


Brock Residence/2018 DCC Award Winner/ASCC/Sundek of San Antonio

The Brocks came to Sundeck of San Antonio looking to create a fun man cave garage project. Sundek offered an option of Sun Splash texture with a custom design. The owner had actually created the design to scale with the color combinations they wanted, and samples were made to proceed.

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