Contractor Mentoring Program

What is it?  The ASCC Mentoring program seeks to unite seasoned concrete construction professionals with lesser experienced ASCC members in a guided program to share knowledge and experience. 

Who is this for?  Any ASCC member can participate.  Mentors are sought for their experience in a variety of disciplines (i.e., tilt up, super flat, commercial, decorative, business, field management, etc…).  Mentees can be any ASCC member seeking to augment their general knowledge or someone looking for guidance in a particular discipline. 

Where does this happen?  While it’s desirable to for the mentors/mentees to meet in person (i.e., WOC, Annual Conference, etc.), this program is intended to be conducted remotely.

How long does the program last?  The formal program is intended to last 1 year after which an informal relationship is encouraged.

How often do I have to participate?  The mentor/mentee can arrange a mutually agreeable timetable.  The program intention is to promote a minimum of once a month formal interaction (i.e., phone call, business plan review, etc…)

How much does it cost?  The program is free for members of the ASCC.  There is not intended to be ANY financial commitment by any mentor. 

The following is a summary of some of the roles involved:



¨ Give advice without expectation or liability

¨ Set accountability

¨ Open ended Sharing

¨ Lessons Learned & Experiences

¨ Shared Educations

¨ Coach through Crisis

¨ Assist with time management

¨ Help with priorities and initiatives

¨ Sounding Board

¨ Grow ,stretch, challenge

¨ Honor mentees time

¨ Pre plan meeting agenda in advance

¨ Be accountable

¨ Leg work

¨ Be honest, open and transparent, full disclosure

¨ Provide follow-up

¨ Honor Mentors time



What if I don’t want to share some knowledge?  This is a voluntary program and there are NO requirements to share anything you do not want to share.  In particular, personal and financial matters are ONLY to be disclosed voluntarily.

How does the process work?  You will be asked to fill out a form that, for mentors, lists your skills and, for mentees, lists your areas of interest.  The Mentor Program Committee will pair mentors and mentees, arrange an introduction and review the guidelines and expectations.  After that, the onus is placed on the mentees to ensure your scheduled meetings are conducted.

Why should I do this?  This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge, share your experiences and learn something new.  It also directly supports the mission of the ASCC to enhance the capability of those who build with concrete.

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