Decorative Concrete Techniques & Best Practices

The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) of the American Society of Concrete Contractors has published PDF documents related to decorative concrete techniques and best practices to be used by decorative concrete contractors.

These best practices for decorative concrete are designed to inform members of the ASCC alike on the best decorative concrete techniques available, including topics such as:

 Surface tears in textured stamped concrete

 Curing textured stamped concrete and trowel-finished integrally colored concrete

These best practices are meant to be a guide for decorative concrete contractors to help with establishing methods for addressing the technical requirements of decorative concrete projects.

ASCC promotes adoption of these best practices to contribute to the success of our members by developing a sound understanding of important decorative concrete techniques necessary to maximize success on the job site.

PDF documents outlining the latest best practices in regards to decorative concrete techniques follow below. 

No. Best Practices
1 Surface Tears in Textured Stamped Concrete
2 Curing Textured Stamped Concrete
3 Trowel-Finished Integrally Colored Concrete