Concrete Safety & Risk Management Council

Committed to Making Concrete Construction Safer

From proactive planning to daily work at the job site, safety is of the utmost importance to concrete contractors.

The ASCC is committed to ensuring the safety of concrete contractors around the globe through the Safety & Risk Management Council, a group dedicated to managing and reducing job related hazards and making sure ASCC contractors are the safest in the industry.

What is the Safety & Risk Management Council?

The Safety & Risk Management Council is a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) with the resources, expertise and reputation of the ASCC supporting Council members and their activities.

All members of this concrete safety group are ASCC members helping support other members develop a strong safety culture and the leadership needed to implement safety measures throughout operations.  

The Concrete Safety & Risk Management Council provides invaluable resources to members of the ASCC and assists with everything from establishing a safety policy to the proper use of personal protective equipment.

Concrete Safety Resources Provided by the Council

ASCC members enjoy countless benefits to help ensure safety on the jobsite.

  • A concrete safety Hotline provides ASCC members’ information and advice from experienced concrete safety professionals within the industry
  • Articles, publications and position statements inform and educate members on topics relating to concrete contracting and insurance matters. Council members oversee ASCC and DCC demonstrations and are committed to helping contractors develop and maintain safety as a core value.

Strategic Plan for Concrete Safety

View the strategic plan for the Safety & Risk Management Council to learn more about our commitment to a zero-injury work environment. Learn more.

Meet Our Safety Advisory Board

The4 ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council advisory board consists of member contractors located across the United States. Learn more about the people who make up this important component of our mission. Learn more.

Concrete Safety Awards Program

ASCC members can demonstrate their organization’s commitment to safety by participating in our safety awards program. This program is an excellent way for contractors to showcase their approach to safety to customers, insurance carriers and employees. Learn more about our awards program.

Safety Resources for Concrete Contractors

ASCC members receive exclusive discounts on publications, safety bulletins & much more. View the full list of safety resources available to ASCC members.

Joining the Safety & Risk Management Council

To join the Concrete Safety & Risk Management Council, you must be a member of ASCC. To participate, explore ASCC membership and all the benefits and services provided by the ASCC. Learn more about exclusive safety resources available to ASCC member contractors.

ASCC safety council

ASCC concrete contractors members only

ASCC members receive a 15% discount from ClickSafety, an online provider of safety training.  ClickSafety includes a comprehensive library of safety training topics specifically for the concrete industry. 
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