Concrete Polishing Council Overview

Are you a contractor new to the industry wanting to know more details about the concrete polishing process? Are you a veteran contractor wanting to learn about the most up-to-date technological advances and network with peers across the nation? The Concrete Polishing Council can help.

What is Polished Concrete?

Concrete Polishing is the act of changing a concrete floor surface, with or without aggregate exposure, to achieve a specified level of appearance using one of the listed classifications: Bonded Abrasive Polished Concrete, Burnished Polished Concrete, or Hybrid Polished Concrete.

Concrete Polishing is a vibrant part of the concrete flooring industry. The benefits of polished concrete are extensive, including ease and lower cost of maintenance. In addition, polished concrete, when fully refined, will meet or exceed the national standards for slip coefficient.

What is the Concrete Polishing Council (CPC)?

The CPC supports the concrete floor polishing contractor through many avenues. Via Position Statements, specifications, seminars, webinars, and online training, the CPC provides opportunities for contractors to become the most well-trained and informed in the industry.

Our concrete polishing certification program demonstrates the superior qualifications of those companies that verify that their finishers meet the appropriate credentials. CPC is a valuable resource for architects, contractors, and facility owners/managers needing non-biased answers surrounding specifying, installing, or maintaining polished concrete.

CPC committees represent a diverse group of industry professionals that offer consensus-based definitions, procedures, and best practices to suit every situation. Visit the glossary, specifications, and resources pages for additional concrete floor polishing information.

Join the Concrete Polishing Council

In addition to education and certification, membership in the CPC offers benefits in safety, networking, professional expertise, and the credibility of a firmly established and well respected parent organization, the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC).

Don't be left alone, join with other members who share your same interests and help shape our industry. Become a CPC member today!