CPC Education and Certification Program

In an effort to meet the industry's demand for skilled and knowledgeable decorative and polishing contractors, the CPC launched a new and expanded education and certification program in 2013. The programs continue to include both classroom and essential hands-on training, exposing the polisher to various types of equipment, tooling, and chemical products on the market today. Courses are designed to offer polishers more detailed and expanded hands-on instruction vital to the success of their business.

This intensive educational program provides the industry with distinction between skill levels. Companies with multiple employees will be able to utilize our program to provide long term goals toward education, training and professionalism. This training program is designed to be an investment in your business, your education, and your future in the concrete polishing industry.

Tradesman Introduction Certificate - 4 Hours (3 Hours Webinar Version)


Tradesman Introduction Certificate is an introductory course and the first step toward understanding the polishing process. There is no hands-on training offered as this course has been designed for trade shows, conventions, seminars, and webinars. The course introduces the polisher to the many variables and challenges encountered within the polishing process. Individuals completing this course must demonstrate, through a written exam, a basic understanding of the following topics:

  • equipment used for concrete polishing
  • how and when densifiers are applied
  • the purpose of applying a densifier
  • overview of diamond abrasives
  • concept of maximum refinement
  • understanding safety hazards

At the completion of the course, each student, after passing the exam, will be awarded a Tradesman Introduction Certificate.

Cost of this course: $225 ($165 for webinar version)

Craftsman, Level I - 3 Days

PREREQUISITE: The Craftsman, Level I certification is designed for classroom and hands-on education. Individuals applying for this course must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Tradesman Introduction Certificate
  • 980 hours of actual on-the-job experience OR a minimum of 12 completed polished concrete projects
  • the references of two CPC supporting member manufacturers
  • signed affidavit form along with the course registration submission

Individuals completing this course must demonstrate, through a comprehensive written exam and skills practice exam, basic operational knowledge of the following topics:

  • proper industry terminology/definitions
  • equipment used for concrete polishing
  • how to match equipment and diamond tooling to the concrete substrate to achieve the specified polish
  • chemistry of densifiers and stain protectors
  • diamond abrasive design and construction
  • using the diamond abrasive to achieve maximum refinement
  • understanding the theory and recognizing maximum refinement
  • understanding safety hazards within the concrete polishing industry
  • introduction to basic safety hazards related to concrete polishing and project management.

At the completion of the course, each polisher, after passing the exam, will be awarded with a Craftsman, Level I certificate.

Cost of this course: CPC Member = $1,050     Non-Member = $1,850