Why do you belong to ASCC?

I find our membership in ASCC is very helpful to guide us to the experts in the business of placing concrete.

LeRoy J. Stromberg, Jr.
Alberici Constructors
St. Louis, MO
General Contractor


I belong to ASCC because of the people, the contractors, the suppliers and manufacturers.  When I’m with these folks it’s like an oasis in the middle of a desert.  There is SO much wisdom, advice, encouragement that comes from many different people and tracks of business.  Here’s the tough part: you have to connect and commit.  You have to show up at the events, be part of the offerings.  I know it’s tough to get away.  However when you go, you’re always so glad you went.  I could go into detail about the kind of help, advice and encouragement you will get however it would be endless.  You walk away armed with more knowledge and in areas you didn’t think of.  What do you have to lose by getting involved… nothing.  What do you have to lose by staying in the same rut… everything.

Rocky R. Geans
L.L. Geans Construction Company
Mishawaka, IN


Why do I belong to the ASCC?   Very simple, I am into concrete and in the US if you are interested in concrete then ASCC is the place to be.  ASCC is the one place I can access a nationwide network of expert professionals in the field of concrete contracting.  Additionally, for many of us, we are now in a place where we can give back to the profession through direct support or volunteering.  A huge benefit of the participating with other people during the education or volunteering activities is the relationships and friendships that I have formed.  If for example I have a question about installing pervious concrete, I can call up one of my friends in the ASCC and obtain the information in minutes.  In summary, I am an ASCC’er because of the friendships I have made here, the benefits to my career and my company and because I am in the midst of an industry that provides all manner of benefit to our country, roads, bridges, sidewalks, tunnels…

John Janes
Building Construction Products & Ag | Caterpillar, Inc.
Cary, NC


I am a professional engineer but have always loved concrete construction and contractors, having come from a family of contractors.  Over a third of a century ago two of my favorite people, Cecil Bentley and Gene Boeke, influenced me to join and support ASCC.    Cecil and Gene, an icon in this industry and past president of ASCC, mentored me and showed how ASCC could help me become a better engineer and design more constructible, better concrete structures.  Through all this time ASCC has continued to be extremely beneficial to me personally and those I work with.  That is why our company, Structural Services Inc., has been a Sustaining Member of ASCC for years.  The interaction with staff and members has provided priceless benefits to us technically and otherwise.    Not only should every good concrete contractor be a member, but also ASCC membership can greatly aid concrete design professionals and material suppliers.   

Jerry Holland
Structural Services Inc.
Jonesboro, GA


Sometimes we think our challenges are unique to our organization and we have to figure them out on our own. Through ASCC we have learned that this is not the case.  ASCC is full of great contractors that are willing to share ideas freely.

Chris Plue
Webcor Concrete
San Francisco, CA
General Contractor


I consider myself lucky to have found ASCC when I did. I was introduced to this great organization at a regional event when my company was only two years old. Since that time ASCC has provided me invaluable guidance, knowledge, and experience beyond my years in the concrete business.   As any major investor will attest, a good plan is one that doesn't lose money. Construction, concrete in particular, is very similar… when things are good they're great but when they are bad, they are horrible!  ASCC has single handedly helped me avoid many catastrophic mistakes. Without the knowledge and guidance I have received through this partnership, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today. 

Greg Hyde Hryniewicz
Hyde Concrete
Pasadena, MD
Concrete Contractor


As an international member of ASCC – we believe you need to connect and work with like-minded people to help grow yourself and your business. We love the people in ASCC.  They give us support and help that has given us the confidence to grow and set our company apart from our counterparts here in New Zealand – we highly recommend you joining this and similar organizations – the more you belong the more you get, but remember, you only get out what you put in.

Carol McMillan
Angus McMillan Concrete Ltd.
Hastings, New Zealand
Concrete Contractor


I just want to give a ‘Shout Out ‘ to the ASCC and tell you how much T. B. Penick & Sons, Inc., values being a member of this industry group. Our membership with the ASCC & DCC has made a significant difference to our business. From priceless relationships worldwide, as well as first class education and business forums, to having access to a team of ASCC experts that we have come to rely on for many of our concrete related questions.  Every time I’m with a quality concrete contractor, a quality material supplier or an quality equipment supplier that is not a member of the ASCC, I can’t resist telling them about my experiences and what they’re missing out on by not being a member. I can’t imagine them not realizing and experiencing the benefits that we have come to know and appreciate.  Thanks for everything you do for our industry ASCC.

Byron Klemaske II
T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.
San Diego, CA
General Contractor