SRMC Strategic Plan - Summer 2020

Goal 1: Expand and approve communication between the organization and those responsible for safety in member companies.

Strategy 1: Hold Safety Summit with plans to make it an annual event. (3/21/2021)

Strategy 2: Expand data base of member safety professionals. (12/30/20)

Strategy 3: Increase one-on-one safety dialogues.

  1. Establish Safety Mentor program (12/31/20)

  2. Increase promotion of safety hotline

  3. Continue to encourage safety discussions as part of MIX Groups

  4. Schedule monthly online safety roundtables

Strategy 4: Expand web content

  1. Post Appropriate Safety Moments (Summer 2021)

i. Collect by 10/31/20

Strategy 5: Introduce a separate, quarterly safety-focused newsletter (1st qtr. 2021)

Goal 2: Collect and analyze members’ safety data to evaluate effectiveness of ASCC resources

Strategy 1: Overhaul awards program (March 2021)

  1. Form a task group to review and suggest new program structure (January 2021)

Strategy 2: Launch S.T.A.R. program (March 2021)

  1. Add field audit component

Goal 3: Increase Our Influence as the Safety Leader in the Concrete Industry

Strategy 1: Web page content/design (part of new ASCC website) (4th qtr. 2021)

Strategy 2: Form industry partnerships around safety initiatives

  1. Continue to encourage and assist World of Concrete

  2. Contact ACI chapters

i. Speak to John Conn (10/31/20)

ii. Contact ASCC influencers who are active in their ACI Chapters (12/31/20)

  1. Enhance work with existing partners i.e. ACPA, NRMCA, TCA, etc.

i. Target work groups i.e. ACD Int’l and Spherel

Goal 4: Hardhats to Helmets (ASCC Strategic Plan Strategy)

Strategy 1: Continue to find new ways to communicate this ASCC goal.

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