Councils & Committees

Specialty Councils

Decorative Concrete Council

Council Director: Jeff Eiswerth, H & C Decorative Concrete Products

The DCC educates contractors on the technical and business aspects of decorative concrete contracting. The Council also promotes decorative concrete to designers, owners and end users through demonstrations and seminars at the Annual Conference, an annual awards competition and community projects.

Concrete Polishing Council

Council Director: Scott Metzger, Metzger/McGuire

The CPC serves as an educational resource for contractors and others in the design and construction industry through certification, education, technical documents and awards.

Manufacturers’ Advisory Council

Council Director: Bill Palmer, Informa

The board of this associate member Council advises the ASCC on how the organization can provide the best value to its vendor members. The MAC has a strong voice in all sponsorship decisions that directly affect these valued companies.

Safety & Risk Management Council

Council Director: Aron Csont, Barton Malow Co.

This Council educates and provides materials to contractors on all aspects of safety and risk management relating to concrete contracting and insurance. The Council also provides oversight on publications, demonstrations, and everywhere we display safe practices.

Main Committees


Chair: Chris Forster, Largo Concrete

To oversee the development and implementation of the mission, goals and administrative affairs of the Society.

Education & Training                                                   

Chair: Peter Emmons, STRUCTURAL

To guide those who build with concrete on how to construct economical and quality concrete structures while educating clients on realistic expectations.

Emerging Leaders                                                        

Chair: Devin Leach, Hyde Concrete

To ensure the continued success of ASCC by seeking the active participation and insight of emerging leaders within the organization and the industry.


Chair: Kevin Riley, Belfast Valley Contractors

To advise and make recommendations to the board of directors pertaining to the financial aspects of ASCC activities and programs, and to provide financial oversight in such matters as may come before the board.


Chair: Aaron Gregory, Gregory Construction

Direct all efforts toward further engaging current members, and recruit new members who understand the value of organizational membership.


Chair: Bruce Suprenant, ASCC


Annual Conference                                                      

Chair: Cory Lee, Martin Concrete Construction

To create an exciting, fun venue for concrete contractors to learn and network.


Chair: Paul Albanelli, Albanelli Cement Contractors


Chair: Wahid Tadros, California Engineering Contractors


Co-Chairs: Bruce Suprenant & Jim Klinger, ASCC

Concrete Executive Leadership Forum                   

Chair: Nick Adams, The Euclid Chemical Company

To provide a “world class” event at a unique destination, that impacts all attendees through the exchange of information, education, fellowship, and relaxation.


Chair: Bill Bramschreiber, Charles Pankow Builders


Co-Chairs: Steve Lloyd, Lloyd Concrete Services & David Somero, S & S Concrete Floors


Chair: Chris Forster, Largo Concrete

NRMCA/ASCC Joint Paving Committee                  

Chair: Ray Merlo, Merlo Construction Company

To provide concrete contractors the tools to promote and install the highest quality paving installations

Strategic Planning                                                        

Chair: Marc Ness, DPR Construction

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