2018 DCC Award
Wilshire Grand, Trademark Concrete Systems

First Place: Multiple Applications / Under 5000 SF

At 73 stories, the Wilshire Grand Center is the latest addition to the Los Angeles skyline and the tallest building in America, west of the Mississippi River. The tower houses an InterContinental Hotel, office space, and several restaurants. Trademark installed all of the decorative hardscape at this enormous project including the 12,000 SF concrete plaza at the 73rd floor bar/observation deck. Their work can be seen on six levels from 1 to 73.

Trademark installed over 56,000 SF of ECOCAST finish, 6,000 SF of mortar set concrete pavers, 1,200 LF of planter walls, multiple fire pits, pool coping, and on level 73, 68,000 SF of radiant flooring subslab.

This project contained many challenges associated with inner-city construction. Due to the project location, the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a lay down area wasn’t available. All deliveries had to be received off hours and scheduled with the general contractor – which included full traffic control by the subcontractors.

Level 73 presented the same types of challenges and more as Trademark was tasked with placing and finishing over 300 cubic yards of finished concrete with no tower crane or man lift; just Georgia buggies & wheelbarrows on a service elevator with a 5,000 pound weight capacity. All rebar, forms, concrete, and concrete buggies went to and from the roof through this lone shaft.

Prior to pouring, Trademark completed several mock ups using a blend of charcoal and black color hardeners until little to no color variation was achieved. Once approved the pour began. Over the course of 25 consecutive nights Trademark poured a maximum of 12 cubic yards each evening. Once the paving was poured, it was saw cut into a 1’ x 2’ grid pattern. 18,000 lineal feet of saw cutting later the roof was complete and each joint was grouted 1/8” low to replicate the look of tile. All string lines for saw cutting were placed 10’ overhead due to obstacles on the roof. Each subcontractor used the string lines for layout as all the furnishings at this level followed this pattern as it was imperative these joints were correct.

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