Private Residence

2018 | Countertops

2018 DCC Award Winner
Private Residence, Hyde Concrete

First Place: Countertops

After multiple reviews of the plans with the client, architect, and builder, the design includes a very large island with double waterfall legs. Overall dimensions are 12ft x 50 inches, and it comes in at 850 lbs.

One side was cantilevered over the cabinets by 12 inches (to allow for seating), so the bottom of the counter and inside legs were finished just as the tops.

A very large (3ft), farm style sink was under mounted near the center of the island. The ceramic sink was so heavy (72 lbs.) the contractor had to create a support inside the cabinet to avoid any long-term structural issues, especially considering the client wanted a 1” profile around the sink instead of the other 2.5” edge profiles.

Because the client insisted this be cast as one piece, it would only fit through one exterior door. This door was 18ft above final grade and 47ft from the road. A travel lift with a telescoping boom was rented to place the piece onto to the 10’2” tall covered porch. It was then rolled it through a nana door and to its final place in the kitchen.

The piece was post tensioned for additional strength and custom fabricated aluminum C channel supports prevented cracking during transport.

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